And I feel like love. – Dreamer

And I feel like love. – Dreamer

Hey, it been long we didn’t feel connected. To be honest I was a bit confused about a few incidents. Well let it be, How are you doing?

Days are passing, and this environment is still the same, we are feeling bonded. isn’t it right that we want freedom? Freedom for a night where we will fly to our heart, where we will draw sketches on the cloud, where we will sit on the top of the roof and sing with a heart full of love, where we will kiss long to someone in the presence of flowers fragrance, where every drop of cold drew will directly touch our soul. I am really not sure that are you feeling this way or not but yes! I am sure about my feelings.

I am not sad, I am not even disappointed but I want new feelings. I want to feel free for a night. My soul wants to dance and my heart wants to sing. I want to open all doors for love, I want to flow with cosmos and what about you? Don’t you want to dive into the sea of love? Don’t you wanna feel yourself? Don’t you wanna feel alive once more? Don’t you wanna rebirth all of your feelings?

I know a new feeling comes up with a number of questions in the mind but this time I’ll ignore. I will not think, I will just feel. I will just release myself from all the thoughts. This time I’ll trust the universe and will laugh a little louder. Even if once but Yes!! I’ll allow myself to float.


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