Areas and directions of self-love. – Dreamer

Areas and directions of self-love. – Dreamer

Hello, everyone how are you all doing? From the last blog, I got a few more requests that they wanna read more about self-love, I am really glad if even one person can connect to my words. I am heartily thankful for all those people who are sharing my blog. I am also grateful to all for you to spare your precious time.

So in this blog, we will discuss the facts of self-love. There will be few more areas one should cover in his way of self-love.

The journey of self-love isn’t easy but yes, it’s interesting. One needs to be fully conscious about oneself, because of the process or so-called the journey of self-love is not one day long. It is a long term journey of love. One needs a lot of courage to love oneself because it’s our habit to give priority to someone else, to love someone. Well, let’s discuss the way of self-awareness and self-centeredness.

* Even small achievement matters.

In our life, we mainly focus on a big task and great achievements so much that we forget about all our small achievements, our tiny doors of happiness. We must try to celebrate each and every achievement in a manner that can make us feel happy and proud. Just think about how fool we are, like yes we overthink about the small problems but we forget to think about our small accomplishments, isn’t it relatable? Therefore we should start celebrating our each and every moment.

* What makes you different.

The second thing is that we need to know ourself, like which things make us different than others. Whatever it is, it must make ourself feel proud and happy. We all are good at something and we need to know that talent. We need to know our value, our quality, our integrity, our area of excellence, our virtue and all about us. One can try so many different things or actions in case of determining their own lives.

* Every day is a blessing.

Life is full of love and blessing. Each and every day comes up with blessings and lots of happiness but it’s all up to us whether we want to feel blessed or not? We should be grateful for each and every new day because the more grateful we feel, the more blessing will come to us. You know universe works according to us, it gives whatever we want but we need to show our gratitude towards it.

*Make a list of your happy places.

We all have our favourite person as well as the person we don’t like at all, therefore, we need to figure it out. We have to understand who makes us feel comfortable and happy. We also need to lockout toxic people from our life. I know it is really a big deal to let them go, but once you start loving yourself you’ll automatically start vanishing people from your life.
There are still so many things, we all need to know and learn, here I’m providing a link to a few of them

Thank you for reading.

Stay home <> stay safe.


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