How to deal with backbiting. – Dreamer

How to deal with backbiting. – Dreamer

I still remember when I was in school, how one of my close friends talked behind me. He used to comment on every single activity from my dressing sense to my smile. I am introverted girl, therefore, I never had guts to speak up. I only used to share with my mum, she is a mentor to my life. As I grew up I understand that it’s not just a school matter but it gonna happen everywhere. My mum taught me a few techniques to deal with the problems of the backbiting, she prepared me to solve my own problems.

So here I will share a few strategies that gonna help you.

1. Speak up

The blind trust will lead you to the end of the relationship. If you feel that someone is speaking about you than go and ask them. Don’t just trust a person who informs you. You should ask them in private, why they talk behind you? Is there any misunderstanding between both of you? Don’t blame anyone, better ask reasonably that I heard something… Did you talked about me… Did you said sometimes or might be its just misunderstanding. If you will honesty goes to him and asks him, there will be a possibility that they won’t talk about you. It will help you to overcome the situation. Your mind will be relaxed and the soul will be at peace.

2. It’s there mindset

She is over smart…she is sympathy gainer…he is a player…she is not a good friend….he is dumb….. this all is the mindset of others. There is no truth in it. It’s just their perception, their insecurities or might be it happens because of jealousy. Just feel free to accept who you are instead of keeping yourself in the box of others perception.
It’s a human behaviour that we accept what others talk about us and forget who we actually are. Don’t even try to prove that whatever people talking about you is wrong because when you try to prove, you yourself accept that it’s somewhere my fault. So basically when you are full of good qualities, people start feeling envy and start talking about you. Because somehow they want to be you or better than you. And if they Losing attention they will start talking about you.

3 Ignore

One of my favourite technique to deal with any uncontrollable problem is to ignore.Some people possess a born habit of talking behind. Even if you will clear it out they will come up with new stuff. So in that situation instead of being hampered, you should ignore them. This is the only way to deal with this kind of people because no matter how hard you will try they will not change their minds.

Final thought

You know a little thought can give birth to a mental illness therefore I must say that fuck the people who interfere with your personal life. This backbiting is a childish thing and we must know how to handle them. Now we are mature enough to confront and to share whatever we are feeling. We should never allow this kind of people around us, even we should not do this kind of stuff. Be yourself and trust the way you are.


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