How to manage stress in 3 easy ways. – Dreamer

How to manage stress in 3 easy ways. – Dreamer

Hello, everyone!! How are you people? I hope you all are doing good and enjoying my happy blogs. It was a morning where one of my close friends asked me “How to solve our own problems ” so we’re gonna discuss this topic in detail.Problems are very common in everyone’s life. Especially teenagers, the so-called happiest generation, face it a lot. Problems don’t mean to bring worry always, but we can take them easy also. Problems can be a demon who will consume us but only if we allow them to do so. We don’t need to be scared or give birth to fear just because of things we face what world call a problem. There are so many healthy ways to deal with the basic problems of our life. Basics such as a breakup, failure, exam fear and all this.

“What is the problem?”

We our-self! Aren’t we the generators of our own or someone’s problem? Well somewhere we all are a part of the crisis, so basically, the creator can be a destroyer. In other terms, we can eradicate our own problems, all we need is to be a little conscious and quite willful.


Stress is what we experience daily. It’s entirely normal because we all are human beings and it’s natural to be get stressed. Problems are not the reason for getting stressed, but its unsolved hardship. Well, let’s try to practice a few activities to eliminate our stress or problems.

Just a glass of water.

First and one of the best aspects of getting relaxed is that you don’t need so many things but just a glass full of the water and three deep breath. Yes!! It’s not a permanent remedy but it makes you 70% relaxed at the time. You know the most of the time we overthink and allowed our-self to suffer. Once I used to cry our every single messy thing but with time I started practising this formula of water and breathing. Trust me it will help you to think and solve your problem.

Talk about your dilemmas –

Sharing makes us feel relief to every problem and situations. Not every people you’re gonna share will help you, but indeed you will feel better by yourself. Sharing has the power to figure out a solution. Basically, we share our difficulties with someone who is very close to us that they will help us with the best solution. As I started my journey of sharing with my diary, it helped me a lot. like whatever I feel, I just started sharing with my diary and just within the time, I realized that I’m the fool who was overthinking. Nowadays even if it’s my typical mood swing, I just go to my cousin, friends or any stranger to share it. I stopped keeping things in mind, I don’t want my mind to be trash.

Meditation or Yoga

Meditation gives us mental peace and stability where Yoga provides a lot of stimuli to our mind or body. This stimulus helps us to be mentally and physically active. Being active means you are conscious of your surroundings and your energies. You know Meditation will kick out the problem before they try to enter your life.Life is full of worries but if you are a warrior nothing like stress will come to you. At the end of this blog, I want all of you to just smile, have a glass of water and Yes! Three deep breath.


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