Once a cheater always a cheater. – Dreamer

Once a cheater always a cheater. – Dreamer

“One of my readers shared her story that she had a heartbreak, but she still loves him. She trusted him blindly but in the initial two months of relationships, her boyfriend cheated on her. Now they are separated because again he did the same thing with her. However, the girl is waiting for the boy and she thinks that he will be changed man”
She wanted me to write about it therefore here I’m gonna share my opinion.

First of all, the cheater will always be a cheater even if he cheated once. The cheater can never be loyal to you. May be possible that he will be loyal to another partner but with you, is a totally fake assumption. Even if he did it once, he’s surely gonna repeat it.
There are really very few chances for him to change. I am not sharing my opinion but out of five cases, I saw three were totally ruined. You know one of my friends had a boyfriend, once he left her without any reason, he stopped talking to her and here he came back and left again. It’s totally clear that he was not sure about her, he was confused about staying with her. Either he really had a personal issue or he was in love with someone else.

I agree with all of you that all people are not the same and every relationship has some problem but leaving your partner just for temporary feelings isn’t a good thought. It shows that you are not in love, you are just afraid that there will be no one who loves you as your partner, it shows that you are using your partner and yes there is no doubt that you are a player.
Recently I am reading a lot of stuff on the relationship and soon I will share a few valuable research with you.

Should I allow my partner to come back?

So nobody can give a perfect answer to the question, we can only put our points and experience here. I think we should not allow our partner back to our life because in teenagers these heartbreaks are too normal and there is a huge possibility that your partner is not in any special case.

Should I go to another relationship?

Of course, you can. These teenagers’ love life is just an experience. It’s not all about your life, things will go on with time and become perfect. Maybe the concept of “testing chairs ” will gonna help you, may be the right person will hold your hand and you people will make the future together.

Should I forgive my partner?

Yes!! You must. Not for him but for your own mental health, for peace of your mind and just for your happiness. It’s okay whatever he did, it’s okay if you don’t wanna talk to him, it’s okay to never meet him again but it’s not okay to hold garbage feelings inside your heart, it’s not okay to feel sorry for yourself.

Final thought

See it’s his loss, you are a pure soul and perfectly deserve someone who loves you, who respect your feelings, who wanna share his life with you and the one who wanna complete his bucket list just with you. This player can not decide what you deserve, don’t allow them to interfere in your life. Don’t ever blame yourself because of that fucking partner. Your trust and your soul will decide it. The right time and the right person will show you your worth. Hold on you beautiful soul somewhere someone is waiting for you and when he will arrive, you will understand that there is nothing wrong with you. It was just a bad experience who made you feel this way.


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