Ridge Gourd Pachadi Recipe – Ridge Gourd Chutney

Ridge Gourd Pachadi Recipe – Ridge Gourd Chutney

Ridge gourd has many nutritional benefits as it is loaded with fibers, vitamins, and minerals. From an Ayurvedic point of view, ridge gourd increases vata and kapha, but it cools down and pacifies the dosha pitta in the body. Since the ridge gourd is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, it is the ideal diet for those who are looking for weight loss.

Ridge Gourd Pachadi is a typical South-Indian condiment. The word pachadi is a portmanteau of the words pachai, meaning raw or green and adi, meaning to pound or grind. It’s a spicy chutney made by pounding or grinding together an assortment of vegetables with spices. Usually the vegetables are used raw, but sometimes they’re lightly cooked in a little oil as in the recipe below.

Serve this Ridge Gourd Pachadi alongside rasamsteamed rice and mixed vegetable curry for lunch next time.

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