See through words by Ravish Mani: A book review

See through words by Ravish Mani: A book review

See through words by Ravish Mani would be a “timely” read for readers from all walks of life. We all seek peace and do try to adopt different practices that would soothe us. The book is meant for readers who are in quest of Zen.

What is Zen’s philosophy? You might have heard of it. If you are thinking, isn’t that related to Buddhism, and even Taoism? You are right yet there is a bridge to cross and understand more. In the six chapters book, the readers get a chance to elucidate the origin, spread of Zen, and stories that deepen the notion.

Words are cryptic when a common man interpret it may sound vague, while a scholar can read the unsaid words in said. Precisely, Mani shares the same ocean of knowledge in this book. He started with “If you meet Buddha, kill him.” setting the curious hook for seekers who would surely fumble but dive deep in the book.

What I liked in the book?
  • The narrative. Starting from the first few lines to the end, the author grips the attention of readers with an abundance of knowledge.  
  • The interconnection of chapters. Usually, we follow a spiritual quest from point A to B. Here, Mani handhold audience sighting many instances, stories that hold deeper meaning as the reader keeps progressing.
  • A quick read but the cognizance stays for long
What I wished more?

The book, See through words by Ravish Mani is a brief guide to understand words with deeper connections. Tip of the iceberg. I would have love to get more indulge in reading.

Book Cover

At first glance it looks great, the essence of the book can be felt with the cover. If there is a reader who has a fetish for elegant covers, the book does catch the eye. It would have been great if the text looked large without being stretched.

See through the words by Ravish Mani
Book cover – See through the words by Ravish Mani

Rating: 3 stars upon 5.

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About the author:

Ravish Mani is an author of two books, Love is an ice-cream cone and Make success your way of living. He has been a blogger for many years and his takes on books can be read at his blog. One can also find him on Twitter @ravishmani.

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